Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Miracle Mind Method - Not Miraculous at All

Is it that miraculous?
My rating: 2/5

Review by Elsa Sakina, July 13, 2012

I was immediately attracted to the neat sales page graphic, and when the video played, I was glued. Plus, I saw that some of my Facebook friends "liked" it.

Maybe you felt the same way when you landed on the sales page.

The video presentation was delivered attractively, it's not just some guy reading a text on the screen.

Considering how professional the physical appearance of the website was, I expected Miracle Mind Method to be as great.

But I was wrong.

After I went to the download area and checked out the products, here are some facts I can give you:

1. What is this product about?

Miracle Mind Method is an information product. It is basically about using the "power of your mind" to raise your consciousness and achieve your goals.

2. Who is the creator?

It's Chris Cains, but honestly I couldn't really find who he really is. He didn't even put his photo.

It's stated that he is a "success coach" and "speaker", but I couldn't find the proof. Maybe it's just his pen name, or maybe it's not. I truly don't know.

All I know is that he is an Internet marketer who has a product called "Miracle Mind Method", and he has partnered with other online marketers to create and/or promote it.

3. What's inside the member's area?

There are some downloads:

a. There are 14 PDF files (7 notes and 7 worksheets) each with 7 audio companions.

If you ask me about the audios, honestly I think the quality isn't that good. It's not recorded professionally, maybe just a person talking in front of his computer, so different from Joe Vitale's The Awakening Course or other audiobooks you can purchase online.

b. You will also get a "Personal Success Journal" PDF, which is a 4-page PDF to help you focus on your goals. There are columns you can fill out with your own achievements, progress, etc.

c. A "Quick Start Guide" PDF. Like its name, it's a quick 11-page guide about the whole Miracle Mind Method program.

d. Miracle Mind Method Trigger Cards.

They are 7 PDF mind maps, just like Tony Buzan's one.

There are quiet a lot of materials there, but to me they're boring and seem like a "school homework".

3. The price?

On the original page it says $37. But try leaving the page, and you might get discounts (I tried it, and it went down to $17).

But it doesn't stop there. If you click the buy button, Chris will upsell you with "Super Achiever Coaching Club" ($47 per month) and "Golden Inner Circle" ($30 per month - I don't know what they are, didn't buy them.

4. What if I bought and didn't like it?

Just ask for a refund to Clickbank, the payment processor. They will most likely refund your purchase if you ask within 60 days.

5. Conclusion?

I personally don't recommend it.

For me, nothing beats The Awakening Course. If you want to buy something, then make sure it is from someone that is credible, not some unknown person claiming to be a coach.

But of course, it's up to you.


  1. I recently purchased a digital product and was directed to the golden inner circle page. What was really dishonest was that I couldn't access my digital product without first purchasing the 10 day trial of the golden inner circle at $1. After the trial then I would be billed $36 and then $37 monthly thereafter. I am having problems cancelling my membership since I misplaced the address I was given initially and I've gotten no response from the support email address. What recourse do I have if I am billed for a product that I no longer require?

    1. If they use Clickbank to sell their products, maybe you can try contacting Clickbank.

      By the way, did you mean the digital product was "Thou Shall Prosper"?