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The Miracle of Giving – The Return No Amount of Money Can Buy

illustration: gift box - return on giving

In my previous post, “I need money now”, I shared my experience of giving money away while needing extra money.

When we give money away sincerely, I believe that the Divine will always give a return. I have tried to “prove” this a lot of times. It always works.

Recently, when I was giving some spare cash to an organization I supported, I wondered what God would give me as a return. The return or reward of giving can be anything, not just money.

I believe that expecting a return from the Divine / God is perfectly fine. What’s not fine is expecting a return from the person / organization we give money to. But still, we should not be attached to what return we will get and when we will get it.

We may get it tomorrow, or we may get it 10 years later. It’s a mystery; the Divine knows when the perfect time is.

So after giving, I prayed to God and told my intention, just like what I did when I needed extra money to attend an event which I shared in my previous post.

Turned out that the return was something very valuable, even no amount of money could buy it. It was what I really wanted.

So this is what happened…

Soon after I gave money to a charity, I found a YouTube video by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I already knew him, and I already listened to some of his audio recordings and watched his other videos.

But it was years ago. I then stopped and deleted his videos because I was not really his fan.

About a month ago, I stumbled upon his video someone uploaded on YouTube he did for Nightingale Conant called “How to Be a No Limit Person”.

I really, really, really, really liked his message.

After that, I looked for his other videos, and downloaded some audios like “Manifest Your Destiny” I found on torrent sites…lol

After watching the first video, “How to Be a No Limit Person”, I realized that the return of my giving money was this:


Yes, no amount of money can buy that, and that is just what I want.

It’s pretty weird because just a few days before I found the video, I already downloaded “Excuses Be Gone” by Wayne Dyer and I didn't like it so I deleted it from my computer.

Suddenly a few days later I became his fan.

I didn't really grasp his messages back then – not until I gave the money to a charity recently. At least that’s what I felt.

Nothing is a coincidence in this world. That’s what Wayne tells us 

All this time, I have been listening to Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and others. They are good speakers, however, in my opinion, their messages are more about goals, ambitions, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a fan of those inspiring speakers and authors.

Goals and ambitions are good, but sometimes they make us forget about self-contentment if what we want is just to satisfy the ego. We need balance.

Actually I started to realize about the importance of “letting go” and gratitude, about the importance of “this moment”, after listening to Joe Vitale’s audiobooks, but recently I realized that Wayne Dyer delivers this better, in my opinion.

I was really grateful for the discovery.

As far as I'm concerned, self-contentment is taught in any religious belief – Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.

I have been told that accumulating material things are not the ultimate goal in life – at school, when reading the Quran, etc, but because I already learned that “money is not evil” and “material things are not evil”, I didn’t really grasp the message.

Many people stay poor materially because they think money is evil, but self-contentment is not about that. Self contentment is about being grateful and realizing what's more important, the true goal in life.

Money and material things are neither good nor bad. They are neutral; it depends on how we use them and how we give meaning to them.

If we are good persons, material things may make us be better persons. If we are jerks, material things may make us rich jerks instead.

But we often have a goal of making such amount of money, then after we’ achieve it we want more, and then more, and more, and more, and more. It’s endless. That’s life.

We also often care too much on the opinion of others. We often define ourselves from the job we do, where we work at, the car we drive, the house we live in, the clothes we wear, the amount of money we have, and other material things.

Truth is, those things are not real. Those are temporary things.

I learned that Wayne sold his unneeded belongings and moved to Maui. I believe that it’s not that he thought “money is the root of all evil”, but because accumulating material things is not his purpose in life.

Wayne Dyer’s message is not about religion. Even though he never stated, as far as I'm concerned, that he has a certain religious belief, he mentions various spiritual leaders in his speeches, including Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, and also poets like Jalal Al-Din Rumi. His movie, The Shift, tells about shifting from ambition to meaning.

I truly believe that self-contentment is not about how we get from others or how we beat everybody, but it’s about how we serve - with the intention to earn the Divine’s pleasure.

The love of money is not the root of all evil. The love of this temporary world is.

“The mutual rivalry for piling up (the good things of this world) diverts you (from the more serious things)“ (Qur’an 102:1)

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