Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Is It Too Late To Learn the Violin at 30?

It is understandable that we feel we're too old, especially when we watch Youtube videos where 3-year-olds and 5-year-olds play the violin like a pro.

I, myself, just started playing the violin last year when I turned 30.

And now I'm loving every second of practicing, each and every day. I'm also improving each time I practice.

Last year when I was just getting started, I watched lots of videos from violin teachers on Youtube, and I was asking the same question:

"Is it too late to learn the violin at 30?"

After watching different teachers, all of them had the same answer: It is never too late.

But unfortunately, of course, this won't work if you want to be like Itzhak Perlman or Bach

And the keyword here is this:


That's why I loved the scene in the Netflix show The Umbrella Academy when Vanya, a violinist, tells her new adult student, Leonard, that as long as he loves music, it's not too late to learn the violin.

Well, if you've watched the show you know that Leonard actually didn't want to learn the violin. Heck, he didn't even have a violin.

But if you absolutely love learning and will be enjoying the process of learning the violin, there is no too late. Even if you're 60, or 70, or 80, or whatever. 

You don't need an expensive violin to start. I am playing a $100 student violin, it sounds pretty good. Plus, it's not about how expensive your violin is, because about 95% or even more is about your playing, not the violin, strings, bows, bridge, etc.

Here's a very short video (less than 2 minutes) that will inspire the heck out of you:

Sunday, September 8, 2019

[Solved] Error Paying With BitPay

So I just tried paying for my domain name on Namecheap.com with bitcoin, but I encountered a few problems at first. After trying for several days, finally I managed to renew my domain with bitcoin! Yay!

So here are the problems I encountered and how I solved them:

1. My country is blocked by BitPay
Solution: Use VPN

I live in Indonesia, and at the time of this writing it is blocked by BitPay. If your country is blocked too, you can install a free VPN plugin or mobile app.

The free VPN that I used was Windscribe (aff link), I installed it on my PC and my android phone. It works well and it's free, but you can always upgrade if you want more bandwidth.

Windscribe free VPN (aff link)

2. Cannot Scan the QR Code on the screen
Solution: Pay directly through mobile phone wallet

So I already sent my bitcoin to Mycelium wallet on my phone (it is one of the wallets that support BitPay's payment protocol), but when I wanted to top up my Namecheap account, I couldn't scan the BitPay QR Code.

I tried this for a few days, but still couldn't do it. I tried to change the brightness of the screen, and I tried to pay manually from Mycelium by pasting the payment URL (that starts with bitcoin:?r=https://), but I got the following error message:

Invalid bitcoin address

I got so frustrated, but then on another day I tried again, by renewing and paying my Namecheap domain directly through my mobile phone, instead of from my laptop. And guess what? 

It worked!

So I installed the Windscribe app (aff link) and ran it, then I just renewed my Namecheap domain through my mobile phone. 

From my mobile phone, I clicked "open in wallet" and then paid. Problem solved.
So that's it.

If you think that this article is helpful, I won't mind if you'd like to send me some btc here 😀: