Blue Heron's Vertigo Dizziness Program Review

Use These Easy, 15 Minutes, Head Balance Exercises To Relieve All Types Of Vertigo And Dizziness Naturally – Starting Now!

 Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise Manual
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The Natural Vertigo And Dizziness Program is a manual published by Blue Heron Health News. Even though this manual only consists of 21 pages, it contains exercises that have been developed specifically for you to find relief from vertigo and dizziness.

Vertigo is a balance disorder that causes one to feel as if the things around them are moving when in fact they are completely stationary. This disorder can be treated with the help of certain exercises.

Christian Goodman, who is the CEO of Blue Heron Health News, created this natural relief for vertigo and dizziness. He is best-known from his program called "The Stop Snoring Exercise Program" which is still selling like hot cakes now. 

How did he came out with this program?

The idea to create this vertigo and dizziness program actually came out after his former snoring patient, Wendy Collins, contacted him through e-mail. She said that her vertigo was also cured after implementing his stop snoring program!

As someone entrepreneurial, of course he then decided to learn more and research all about vertigo and dizziness and then finally developed specific exercises for them.

The guide is written specifically so that you can follow the exercises easily, with each vertigo relief exercise accompanied by clear visuals.

Ready to relieve vertigo and dizziness safely and naturally?

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 Vertigo and Dizziness Exercise Manual
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Is Christian Goodman, the creator, a real person?

Yes, he is.

But here's the thing though: that is his pen name. His real name is Kristjan Gudnason, and he has a lovely facebook profile here. I don't know him personally, but he is one of my Facebook friends 😁