Tuesday, August 11, 2020


I wrote about not believing in the Law of Attraction anymore. But it's not just that, I also do not believe in anything supernatural now. I describe myself as a humanist.

After realizing that the Law of Attraction is pseudoscience, I kind of lost some hope. 

"So, there's no magic?"

"How will I deal with life, now?"

I already heard about meditation and its benefits, but was never really interested because I thought it's the same woo woo thing, promoted by fake gurus to make money.

Turns out, meditation is real, it's not pseudoscience at all, and it has nothing to do with your religious faith.

I didn't start meditating until I learned about the scientific basis of meditation. I was also encouraged when I found out that non-religious people like Bill Gates, Yuval Noah Harari, and Sam Harris also meditate.

However, here's the thing:

Meditation is not magic. It is not like "the Law of Attraction" that the fake gurus tell you, that is the "secret" that will change your life.

In fact, it may not work for everybody. Some people may get psychological benefits from sports, music, art, therapy, and so on, instead of meditation.

But it's worth the try. 

If you'd like to learn meditation, one of the recommended resource is Meditation Mastery Secrets by Jason Stephenson, who is a former singer in Australia (so you know he has a nice voice to listen to while meditating!). Click here to get his guided meditation program.

If you don't believe in the chakra thing like me, it's okay you can still practice meditation. Just leave the woo woo out of it. But if you believe in magic and miracles, well then obviously you're going to like it even more 😁